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Welcome Aboard! Meet the Crew
Captain Jay and Gourmet Cook Cindy.

Jay and Cindy have been sailing the Great Lakes for over 20 years and have extensive knowledge of most ports of call to insure your sailing adventure will be most enjoyable. Cindy is a certified gourmet chef with many years in both the restaurant and hotel ends of the hospitality industry. The couple also operate the luxurious Grey Hare Inn, Vineyard Bed and Breakfast on Old Mission Peninsula just outside of Traverse City. Jay is a Coast Guard licensed Captain who will delight you with nautical lore and craftsmanship. Jay also frequently captain's the Madeline Tall Ship on parades and festivals throughout the Great Lakes.

Provisions & what to bring

Linens and towels are provided, as are all breakfasts, and on 5 day or longer cruises all lunches, and 3 dinners. Week long cruises are completely inclusive except for 2 dinners. All Captain's fees are included, and all dock fees.

Bring clothing for a variety of weather conditions, which includes rain or foul weather gear. A good idea is at least two pairs of deck (no black soles) or tennis shoes, a set of water shoes, depending on season (spring and fall) long underwear, a set of sweats, a sweater, warm hat because even in the summer it can be cool at night in many of our cruising destinations. Then just bring enough clothing to fill one large or two small duffel bags, that includes personal toiletries, long and short pants, swim suit, socks and undies and good luck charms (for the weather). Always helps to have overboard savers - clips on hats and froggies on glasses. Other good ideas are a small flashlight, knife,sunblock and any other boyscout be prepared type items.

Sample Menus
Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Grapes marinated in Grappa. Served with Marscapone, Homemade Rosemary Foccacia topped with spiced fig pear jam, carmelized onion, blue cheese.

Ham, pear & camembert hot sandwiches, served with 3 bean salad in lime dressing.

Whitefish Dip
Marinated Flank Steak
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Cherry Shortcake

Fresh strawberries tossed with a Cherry Balsamic Vinegar syrup, topped with Marscapone whipped cream, served with homemade blueberry muffins.

Seafood Bisque
Mixed Green Salad
Kentucky Cornbread

Bruschetta bread/Olive bread
Sauteed Whitefish
Broccoli Coleslaw
Cherry Oatmeal cookie


Northern Michigan 5 day all inclusive cruises - $4,500
These 5 day charters in the Northern Lake Michigan area, including Door County and Menominee, Mackinaw, Traverse City, etc. are $4,500 for the first 2 people, plus $500 for the next two persons. Spring and Fall discount 10% or extend trip to 7 days at no additional cost.

Special Events Cruises
Pricing starts at $1000 per day, see individual event itineraries for specifics.

Boat and Breakfast
$450 per night when booked for increments of 7 days or more at any Northern Lake Michigan Port. On a last minute basis $500 for one night and $350 per night for 2 or more - available in the homeport of Traverse City only.subject to availability of the boat on a last minute basis.
Memories that will last forever : PRICELESS


Capacities: All inclusive charters can accommodate up to four people, while Boat and Breakfast can accommodate up to 6. Children are accepted depending on experience of supervising adults with boats, the ratio of adults to children in comparison to the total number of persons, and only within the overall capacity limits

Deposits: As much as possible as early as possible, but generally 50% of the trip needs to be paid within 2 weeks of making the reservation, or 2 months prior to the departure date, whichever is sooner. The balance is due 1 month prior to departure for advance reservations and immediately for last minute ones.

Cancellations: If done more than 2 months prior to departure all deposits will be refunded. Less than 2 months up to 1 month prior to departure may result in a loss/penalty of 50% of the projected revenue unless the reserved time can be rebooked with a different group. Cancellations less than 1 month prior may result in entire loss of deposit, unless rebooked. This latter policy would also apply to any bookings received within one month of the requested departure date.

All bookings are subject to availability of the boat at the time the reservation is requested.

Any person boarding the boat as a passenger accepts full responsibility for their own actions and releases the yacht's owners of any liability resulting in injury unless blatantly directly caused by negligence of the owners and operators. Furthermore, all parties agree to abide by the Captain's decisions regarding vessel safety and will accept any decisions that necessitate an itinerary change (including not sailing on a particular day) without expecting refund in the case of 5 or 7 day cruises. Day cruises done in conjunction with a Boat and Breakfast option may be cancelled without penalty by either party.

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